Make A Payment

HJR SOFTWARE has one centralized webpage for our customers to place orders, pay invoices or make payments of any kind, at any time and for any reason.  This is our Make A Payment page.  If we sent you an invoice or payment link via email or if you clicked on items on our website, this is the summary page that appears just before you reach our PayPal Express Check-out page.

Here are a few reasons customers use this page to make a payment:

  • To send HJR SOFTWARE a partial payment.
  • To pay a quote or an invoice that you received.
  • To use a debit or credit card instead of cash, check or money order.
  • To make a payment without submitting your card or banking information to HJR SOFTWARE.


NOTICE FROM HENRY. The WEBSITE is FIXED and operating appropriately even with multiple visitors online at the same time. However, the email sent out on Friday is not correct for most client. Any email delivered to you after 7:45 PM on Monday 11/6/2017 is CORRECT. You may follow the instructions in that email.

As a precaution, please double check that the EMAIL ADDRESS, PLAN NAME and AMOUNTS are the same on this page as they are in the email you received on Monday. If the email address that appears is NOT your address, STOP and give me a call.

Here are other ways to check, if you live in North Carolina, the plan pricing you are own should be a simpple price like $16.00, $22.50, $36.00, $41.50, etc. This price includes tax. If you live outside of North Carolina, your plan is slightly lower and is usually an odd number, like $14.99, $21.08, etc. If the plan you are signing up for is a monthly plan and you were not billed last month or for several months, the amount you are paying now includes outstanding balances as well. The yearly software license renewals include prorated cost and taxes between now and last week of January.

Again, thank you for your business, patience and understanding.

Make A Payment
 Fill in the following to make your payment:

Your E-mail Address: 
(Use PayPal Account Email)
A Quote# or Invoice#:
Payment Amount: 
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

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