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HJR SOFTWARE provides affordable computer repair services.

Get your computer fixed for $60.00 / hour onsite (at your place)

Or for $65.00 / hour at our place (depot service).

When your computer is sick, running slow, and coughing up junk because of a virus infection or spyware bugs, the only remedy you want is to quickly and safely get it operating in tip-top shape for as little money as possible. Plus, you want it done right and as conveniently as possible. If you open up your yellow book or search the Internet you'll find a lot of possible service locations to choose from. There are enough to take you nearly an hour just to call around trying to get someone on the phone, tell each one of them what the problem is and end up getting a different suggestion from nearly each one of them. Well, stop wasting your time. Call the one computer repair shop that provides house calls, onsite computer repairs, and has the most open hours in the area ... Call HJR SOFTWARE, your one stop shop for All Your Computer Needs!

Don't Shoot Your Computer!
Call HJR SOFTWARE HJR SOFTWARE's Computer Woman - Don't Shoot Your Computer; Call HJR SOFTWARE (704) 825-7440
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  • When it comes to computer repairs, HJR SOFTWARE can:
  • Fix Your Computer
  • Do In-home computer repairs
  • Do Office computer repairs
  • Network multiple computers
  • Remove Spyware and Viruses
  • Provide Upgrades and Add-ons
  • Rebuild or Restore your computer
  • Repair or replace printers and peripherals
  • Address any software or hardware concern
  • Advise you on actions to take to prevent future problems

Yes, HJR SOFTWARE is the ONLY computer maintenance and repair professional you should consider calling when you have a computer problem. But it's okay if you call someone else. It's okay if you want to unplug everything and haul your parts across town and drop your computer off to be tagged, laid on a shelf, and repaired in FIFO order. Or, you could call one of our competitors and let them attempt to fix your problems first. Maybe they'll get it right the first time. Maybe they won't. Maybe you'll pay them whether they do or they don't. At HJR SOFTWARE, you only get charged if we fix the problem and over 95% of time, we fix every one of your problems. So, take your pick. When you're ready to get your broken computer fixed, call HJR SOFTWARE!

Regardless of the Windows software you're running, HJR SOFTWARE can repair your computer. Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows 98, and low and behold, even Windows 95 and Windows 3.1x. Never fear, HJR SOFTWARE is here, to make your computer troubles disappear...

HJR SOFTWARE provides REFERRAL BONUSES so if you are looking for computer support for someone else, a friend, relative, group home or organization, take a look at our Computer Fixer Referral program.

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