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HJR SOFTWARE Computer Services

Computer services available at HJR SOFTWARE in Belmont, Charlotte and Gastonia, North Carolina are listed below. We provide quality, professional computer related services to home PC users, small businesses and large corporations. We've been in business since 1990 making us one of the oldest surviving computer businesses in the Gaston County area and much of Mecklenburg County as well. All of our services are backed by a 90-Day limited service warranty. If you are looking for the right company to service your computer needs, HJR SOFTWARE is the computer firm to keep you running smoothly regardless of your needs. We accept most payment methods including Cash, Check, Charge, Debit and PayPal. Most services are due in full when services are rendered while others are due in advance. Only clients with a year or more of good payment history of are extended Net 10 terms. To view a detail description of our computer services, click the Show Full Service Description option.

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Computer Related Services
Onsite Repair Service COM ORS003HJR $100.00 /Hour
Repair Service - Drop-Off or Depot COM DRS003HJR $120.00 /Hour
Emergency Repair Service COM ERS001HJR $150.00 /Hour
ePASS - Equipment & Personal Assistance Support Service COM EPASS1HJR $30.00 /Month
HJRS LogMeIn Central Remote Access License COM HJRS LMIc RAL $20.00 /Year
rPASS - Remote Personal Assistance Support Service COM RPASS1HJR $20.00 /Month
rPASS - Remote Personal Assistance Support Service (Pre-paid) COM RPASS2HJR $265.00 /Year
ePASS Computer Add-On COM EPASSADON $20.00 /Month
Support Services
Technical Support Service - Advance Deposit SUP TSI0ADHJR $25.00 /Issue
Technical Support Service - Per Minute SUP TSI101HJR $2.00 /Minute
Technical Support Service - Per Issue After Deposit SUP TSI102HJR $15.00 /Issue
Technical Support Service - Normal Per Issue SUP TSI103HJR $40.00 /Issue
Website Hosting Services
Website Hosting Service - Standard on Linux WHS 01STNDHOT $10.61 /Month
Website Hosting Service - Bronze on Linux WHS 02BRNZHOT $15.76 /Month
Website Hosting Service - Platinum on Linux WHS 03PLTNHOT $20.91 /Month
Website Hosting Service - Gold on Linux WHS 04GOLDHOT $31.20 /Month
Website Hosting Service - Windows Basic WHS 01WINBSC $15.76 /Month
Website Hosting Service - Windows Elite WHS 02WINELT $20.91 /Month
Website Hosting Service - Windows Premier WHS 03WINPMR $31.20 /Month
Website Hosting Service - Windows Professional WHS 04WINPRO $41.50 /Month
Website / Marketing Services
Search Engine Optimization MKT SEO300HJR $75.00 /Month
Search Engine Optimization Analysis MKT SEOWSAHJR $300.00 /Order
Search Engine Submission MKT SES100HJR $45.00 /Month
Domain Name Registration or Renewal for 1 Yr WEB DOMAINHJR $20.00 /Year
Private Domain Name Registration or Renewal for 1 Yr WEB DOMAINPRV $35.00 /Year
Development Services
Search Engine Optimization with Webpage Updates DEV SEO400HJR $200.00 /Month
Monthly Webpage Updates Contract DEV MWUCNTRACHJR $150.00 /Month
Project Development Service DEV PJT001HJR $1.00 /Project
Website Programming Per Page DEV WEBPAGEHJR $100.00 /Page
Website Development Service DEV WEB001HJR $120.00 /Hour
Documentation Service DEV DOC001HJR $50.00 /Hour
Programming Services
Non-Licensed Programming Service PRO ALL0NLHJR $200.00 /Hour
Licensed Programming Service PRO ALL0LNHJR $120.00 /Hour
Networking Services
Networking Service NET NWN004HJR $100.00 /Hour
Consulting Services
Normal Hourly Consulting Service CNS HCS001HJR $75.00 /Hour
Over-time Hourly Consulting Service CNS HCS002HJR $60.00 /Hour
Holiday Hourly Consulting Service CNS HCS003HJR $100.00 /Hour
Training Services
Onsite Corporate Training TRN COR001HJR $100.00 /Hour
Onsite Training Services TRN PER001HJR $40.00 /Hour
Training Facility Charges TRN FAC001HJR $1.00 /Project
Miscellaneous Services
Pick-up and/or Delivery Service MSC PKUDLVHJR $15.00 /Order
Travel Surcharges MSC TVL001HJR $1.00 /Minute
Mileage Surcharges MSC TVL002HJR $1.00 /Mile
Services Fees and Charges
Returned Item Charges FEE RIC001HJR $45.00 /Item
Late Payment Collection Service FEE LPF001HJR $35.00 /Attempt
Subscription / Autopayment Reinstatement Fee FEE SRF002HJR $35.00 /Issue
Click on a Service for a more detailed description. Click on a Price to purchase the service online now (some services can only be sold offline and others can only be requested via e-mail).
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