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HJR SOFTWARE Policies, Practices & Procedures

Soon you will be able to view some of HJR SOFTWARE's standard Policies, Practices, and Procedures.

Here you'll find some of the unique reasons we are successful in providing quality products and services that customers trust and rely on. Refer to this information to know what to expect from us.

As we've been in business for quite some time, we've found these company policies, practices and procedures to be most beneficial to us and our clients. Our deviation from the information found here is rare, however, we aim to be pragmatic and adaptable and we update this information as our needs adapt to changes in the market place and the industry.

Areas covered by our company policies, practices and procedures are listed below:

  • Quotes
  • Sales
  • Refunds
  • Returns
  • Collections
  • Agreements
  • Consignments
  • Privacy
  • Warranties
  • SPAM
  • Copyrights
  • Support
  • Discounts
  • Operations
  • Warranties
    Warranties are those offered by the manufacturer, which is usually a minimum of 1 year on most items. Opened SOFTWARE cannot be returned or refunded. All returns are subject to a restocking fee imposed by our suppliers. Sales are generally final three days after delivery. Shipment tracking information is available upon request. Information contained in this email and on the HJR SOFTWARE website are copyrighted materials and the property of HJR SOFTWARE. Information contained in HJR SOFTWARE's e-Store, including pricing, images, and product descriptions, are the property of non-HJR SOFTWARE owned or operated entities, and HJR SOFTWARE is not responsible for the accuracy of any such information. Information supplied by you to HJR SOFTWARE via email, on our website, and via HJR SOFTWARE's e-Store is managed by HJR SOFTWARE and shared only with other HJR owned or operated entities. We do not provide or sell any information you provide to us to any other parties for any reason, except the following: to law enforcement and government officials upon legal request do so, and to our attorneys, designated collection agents, and government court officials upon failure to pay outstanding invoices, fraud, or other illegal use or infringement of our property, copyrights, trademarks, service marks, or patents. Your name, business name, city, state, link to email or website, along with other comments may appear on our website in designated areas, such as testimonials, from time to time if you have pre-authorized us to release this information. You may review these and other policies upon written request or as they become available on our websites.
    If you are a solicitor or anyone attempting to introduce any product or service to HJR SOFTWARE, please be advised that HJR SOFTWARE maintains a ZERO TOLERANCE practice for all forms of UNREQUESTED ADVERTISING and SOLICITATION, including, but not limited to, SPAM. Advertisers and Solicitors be ware: Generally speaking, if you are an Advertiser or Solicitor or any entity attempting to introduce, notify, advise, or promote any product or service to HJR SOFTWARE without having been previously contacted by the Owner of HJR SOFTWARE with an explicit express request for such information, then DO NOT CONTACT HJR SOFTWARE with such information by any means other than U.S. Mail. If you do not have HJR SOFTWARE's U.S. Mail address or the owner's name, you may not contact HJR SOFTWARE to request such information, except via HJR SOFTWARE's personal information request service (PIRS) procedure. If HJR SOFTWARE receives an non requested advertisement or solicitation by any means other than U.S. Mail, the materials will be ignored, denied, deleted, destroyed, rejected and the advertiser / solicitor and/or the entity they represent will be blacklisted in the private records maintained by HJR SOFTWARE whereby HJR SOFTWARE may make public such records as it sees fit for whatever purposes it deems necessary. In the case of SPAM, HJR SOFTWARE will, at its discretion, refer, publicize, and/or submit any received materials to authorities for prosecution. Additionally, HJR SOFTWARE places the value of $1.00 US up to $500.00 US per piece of SPAM email received and may at any time after receiving such SPAM invoice the SPAMer or the responsible party for the total accumulated value of all SPAM received from such party. Additionally, any legal fees incurred in collecting such charges will also be accessed to the responsible SPAMing party. Furthermore, HJR SOFTWARE will not do business with any person or company that fails to respect our No Tolerance Advertising & Solicitation practice. The policy applies to all forms of advertising that interrupt any activity being conducted by HJR SOFTWARE or its owners, representatives, agents or assigns, including, but not limited to, email, voice mail, telephone calls, texts, tweets, faxes, drive-bys, office visits, and personal visits.
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