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HJR SOFTWARE Computer Technical Support Services

HJR SOFTWARE provides Computer Technical Support Services for the computer related products and services we sell. We excel at being able to provide sound solutions and easy to follow assistance to resolve a wide variety of issues including those dealing with hardware, software and the integration of both.

The best way to get our support services is to have one of our service contracts. We offer service plans with technical support options for businesses, home users, and our website hosting plans.

Even if you do not have one of our service agreements that cover technical support issues, we can assist you quickly and easily on a Pay Per Issue basis. Regardless of your problem, you might find it to your benefit to bring all your support issues to HJR SOFTWARE first. We have a standard policy where we only charge you if we successfully resolve your issue. We resolve over 85% of all issues within 30 to 45 minutes.

Standard Technical Support Fees are $25.00 per Issue

We charge an additional $1.00 per Minute if your technical support issues involves us making a long-distance phone call and when assistance exceeds 60 minutes.

If you are an existing customer with pre-established Net Terms, we can assist you immediately and invoice you later for support services.

Everyone else may initiate our HJR SOFTWARE Technical Support Solution service using one of the following three options:

Payment arrangements for all our technical support services must be made in advance. We listen to and review your support request to ascertain whether or not we can assist you. We typically resolve one (1) issue at a time. If we resolve more than one issue, you will be charged $25 per issue.

If we do not successfully resolve your issue, we will refund or reject any payments made. Any holds placed on your credit or debit card will be released within 72 hours by our merchant processor.

We can only assist English speaking persons with the ability to pay for our services in advance or via a service contract. We specialize in supporting software, computers and related equipment that is IBM PC Compatible. We do not support MacIntosh and we only support Unix and Linux issues that are related to our Unix and Linux based webhosting services. We support programmers and website development as well with issues related to HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, and FrontPage. If you need more advanced programming support, click here.

Email us or call us between 10:00 AM and 10:00 PM EST at 704-825-7440.

You may also fax your issues to us at 888-201-5141.

We may take up to 36 hours to respond to your request for technical support.

Support via Microsoft's Windows Messenger and Yahoo Instant Messenger are also available.

Windows Remote Assistance can be provided in some circumstances depending on the state of your computer, your ISP, computer or network security measures, and the network or Internet infrastructure between us. You will also need one of the following to utilize Windows Remote Assistance:
a MSN Hotmail,
Windows Live ID,
or Microsoft .Net Passport.
You will also need Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 and High-speed Internet Access, either (DSL, Cable or faster).

If you would like to use any of these methods, please let us know when you make your technical support request and tell us your instant messenger of choice and your screen name.

HJR SOFTWARE provides REFERRAL BONUSES so if you are looking for computer support for someone else, a friend, relative, group home or organization, take a look at our Computer Fixer Referral program.

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